Monday, 10 May 2010

Colour on cloth etc.

My colour studies have now moved on to fabrics and yarns.

With the one exception here of some papers that I thought might work with the fabrics.


I chose to dye all my sample pieces with Procion reactive dyes and have therefore concentrated on natural fabrics.





After having collected all these colour swatches together I decided I needed to see them on the inspiration wall in context with a few stitch samples (see next post), bought fabrics, pics from the 'heap' and other inspirational pieces done so far, anything that would give me a feel for expanding the stitch/surface detail explored so far.


I found that I really enjoyed the process of dying the fabrics and the challenge of getting as close the the original colour scheme as possible. I was surprised and sometimes disappointed that some of the samples didn't take the colour as I'd expected, but some of my dyes are over 13 years old, so maybe it's time to restock.

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  1. Oh, lovely!
    I liked your colour work on paper too. And I'm looking forward to seeing your next post.