Thursday, 28 October 2010

Module 2 Chapter 4

This chapter concentrates on creating relief surfaces worked on paper that reflect the patterns found in the Opus Anglicanum embroidery.

Firstly I went back to my research images and sketched a few patterns in my sketch book.



I then used a basic flour and water mix to create a paste and coloured it using Brusho and powder paints. The mixture spread well on the paper, but took a very long time to dry. I used a mixture of plain and previously coloured papers for the BG's, and tried out a couple that I'd already worked with similar theme.




The papers curled considerably while drying and the only way I found of uncurling them was to apply some heat with the hair dryer and then staple the samples to mount board.

Once dried I applied some metallic rub-ons, Treasure Gold and Cosmic shimmer mist.

As usual my favourite sample was the last one I did in my sketch book with some of the extra paste.



  1. That would be because the pressure was off when you were playing with the leftover in your sketchbook ;)

  2. good that you managed the glop! You didn't mention lumps so I am assuming you skills at white sauce making are better than mine!!! Like you I like the sketchbook one and the zig-zag bluey one especially.