Tuesday, 19 July 2011

module 2 chapter 13

This chapter of the module is concerned with producing a resolved sample using the study of the figure from the previous chapter as inspiration.

I decided to use a part of my digital design.



My method of choice for interpreting this design was couching. I felt that it would be the best way to work the feeling of opulence and religious solemnity that the original inspiration of the book binding had given me, and also how the digital manipulation had changed the original.


I started by working the shape of the body in gold effect wire and then couching it down with Madeira gold thread. Having achieved the basic structure I started to cloth it with various sheers, metal strips and my favourite elastic gold effect braid. The last was couched down with silk thread to form the stylised halo around the face.

Lastly I used running stitch and seed stitch to bring out the fine texture created by the digital treatment of the original image.


I stuck very close to the original design work and was quite pleased with the ease of translating the digital image into stitch, a method of working that has long been a favourite of mine. I think that maybe, as I worked this piece entirely by hand it was a more intuitive response than earlier interpretations have been where I have used free machine embroidery.

As a footnote to this piece, I have discovered, as I thought it would, that my change of circumstances at the beginning of the year have impacted my approach to my art work considerably.
I now have to consider very carefully what materials I can use, in regard to cost, storage and for what end purpose.
This has resulted in me working in smaller scale and often by hand as we travel a lot more now. It has also given me more time to see and consider the direction that I appear to be moving towards, and also immerse myself more completely in the assessment pieces.

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