Friday, 3 August 2012

Module 5 chapter 5

Making holes with a Fibre Etch process

For this process I made a a makeshift screen printing frame, as suggested in the course notes, with an embroidery frame and some nylon sheer. I then made some holes in freezer paper with a hole punch and ironed it onto the sheer as a stencil for the screen. I used the same method for the second sample but used strips of masking tape this time.


Never having used Devore paste on cotton before, only Devore velvet, I hadn't realised how powerful it was in removing the fibres.
The bottom RHS of the sample show attempts at using a stamp and some velum as masks.


Next I tried using a design taken from my research and freezer paper, but this time I used the applicator that comes with the Fibre Etch bottle on a linen base.



And then used the same technique on a Devoré velvet using both the above techniques.


In the is sample I used the tool that I made for burning and dipped it into the Fibre Etch paste


Using a sample created earlier in the course I applied Fibre Etch to the velvet, again using the nozzle on the bottle.


Once the samples were dried I applied some colour in the form of fabric paints and dyes.




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