Saturday, 13 October 2012

Module 6 chapter 2

Collect and transform surfaces

For my collection of surfaces I have chosen natural materials all found within a small radius of where I live.


These sketeleton leaves and pressed flowers seemed to be an ideal medium to incorporate into other surfaces.

The first idea was to sandwich the large lacey leaves between 2 layers of handmade paper usning bobdaweb to keep them in place. I also used the large solid leaf to give a foil to the lace shapes.


I then randomely machine stitched the whole piece with angular straight lines, I thought these worked well against the curves of the leaves. The piece was then painted with a solution of tea and while still wet I distressed it with a toothbrush.

The second sample was worked with a sandwich of scrim, one of the above set of leaves and some Fimertex.. The 3 pieces were bonded together with a piece of Bondaweb and then select areas were zapped with the heat gun.


I used a different weight of Fibertex for the following sample, a much more dense one this time. I placed a feather on top and the made an imprint by ironing over the top. I also applied the iron with varying pressure to create the lacey holes. Finally I machine traced some of the imprints with dark thread to match the feathers and then attached them with a machine zigzag.


The following set of samples involved paper and plastic which were manipulated and then stitched.


The backgound for this sample is a much manipulated piece of brown paper, to which was added pieces of dyed and scruched Mulbery paper and tissue paper, plus hand dyed string, all of which were then machine stitched in place.


This sample is a BG of scrunched tisuue paper which has had plastic bag motifs stitched to it and then the hot gun applied to the motifs. The tissue was then damped and distressed before being dried with the heat gun, which resulted in a slight change in the vivid pink.


For this last sample I used the brown paper again that I'd used for the first sample, then added some printed pleated tissue and French Boulangerie bread paper with text on.. All the pieces were stitched using a machine zigzag. The final embellishment was to burn cirles in the blue tissue paper with the end of a broken soldering iron.

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  1. leaves are such incredible and fascinating structures....I especially love the scrim samples.