Sunday, 9 June 2013

A contemporary angle

By means of a diversion from the globe poroject, which is running alongside, I have been looking at possible ways of thinking laterally about my work.

It started with a chance comment from a friend who is about to embark on a textile MA course, which sounded very exciting, so I had to have a look at the course content. However the fees are beyond my means so I started to wonder if I could teach myself.

I've been working with the big chain fastener that I found on the beach, with a view to seeing if I could create a piece that investigated its strength and solidity against the fragility of the lace pieces I have been working on for the globe.

I started with 2 very loose sketches and some notes.

I then moved onto an A1 sketch as I was hoping to get more movement flowing. I worked from the chain fasterner with a piece of paper lace suspended above it.

I repeated the piece of hanging lace a second time to see what it would feel like to have the fastener sourounded. I also enhanced the colours.

I liked some of the closeup elements better than the whole.

I liked this black and white version too.

I also liked this vesion of the original sketch, it was a Photoshop expresss app, lens zoom filter.

These are just some loose ideas around a theme of strength versus fragility. More ideas have been filtering through while scouring the beach at Dungeness for inspiration.

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  1. Your ideas have lots of movement. Lovely and interesting work.