Friday, 26 March 2010

More texture..........


Having been mulling how to start the Portfolio element of the course, I decided to make 3 more 3D samples of texture and one sample with a bit more in depth method to it.


This first sample is the one I worked into in more depth, with a little machine embroidery and a blast from the heat gun. I took the method from Lynda Monk and Carol McFeee's fantastic book Stitiching the Surface. The piece wasn't supposed to be pink but I only had that colour Kunin felt and I thought the Gesso would cover it. I used green Luster Rub On for the raised decorative part and also on the BG, as that was the original colour of the tin I found on the beach. I also used treasure gold to represent the copper.
I think it's worked pretty well and was worth the hassle of stitching through all the layers on my older Brother, which made me remember how much I dislike fighting with materials and for that reason usually avoid this type of textile practice.


This piece was really fun and I enjoyed the exercise in perspective. I think I might try a rubbing on this and it might print too, maybe white on black so as not to ruin the white effect of the portfolio presentation.

I think it might be an idea to make a note of the things I want to come back to as I'm already losing track..... hmmmm maybe another notebook.


This last one was a bit of a gift and it does look a lot more like sea foam in the flesh. I mixed wall paper paste with some really thick PVA that's used for borders, gave it a good mix till it was the texture of porridge and 'hey presto'....... sea foam. I embedded a few tiny sea shells and stones in the surface to give it a bit more relevance.


This last pic is a sketchbook page and it started as beach pebbles and shells.


I then applied a photoshop filter , sketch- bas relief, which gave me more definite outlines to work with.



The final interpretation was a layer of thick PVA (for borders) with elastic bands pushed into it. Then to give it some texture I broke up some razor shells and mixed in 2 different types of sand. I can't decide whether to leave it like this or try to paint over it with gesso, which was the first idea, maybe I'll do half and see what it looks like.

Having now set up my time log/safety log/storage log and costings log, I have now worked out that I need to complete 2 chapters a month and 3 in one month, in order to finish this module in the suggested time of 6 months, so at the moment I'm on time, if I finish up on the textures by next week. I'm trying to be more organised than I was on the Certificate so I hope there won't be a scrabble at the end of each module.

So next time will be Chaprer 4.

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  1. I'm keeping up with your progress. I couldn't do this - I can't work like this so it is interesting to watch the process.