Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Shape and pattern study

I started this chapter by looking at the images and objects that I'd collected for the seaside theme to see if I could identify outlines and solid shapes that appealed to me and that might translate well into pattern or design.


These shapes of the fish and shells seemed to be a nice group but didn't feel quite right.


The LHS pics are of Brighton pavilion and the Promenade Victorian ironwork, again these shapes didn't seem to work and I realised that they were symmetrical and we were advised to look for asymmetrical.


I finally found something that felt right with the lines in a large stone I'd collected, and started to isolate the shapes.


I made some simple printing blocks with some of the shapes and tried them out with a black printing ink pad.


This was my final choice, but having finished the exercises now, I do wonder if I picked this because it looked like a cross between a bird and a seal, to me of course, you might see something else.

It was now time to play with this shape and see how it would work in lots of different design environments.


I did find this quite difficult to start with as it was quite prescriptive and I found myself becoming too enslaved by the instructions, but I did like the figure, and the initial P.


Next up was the pattern element, again I felt quite challenged by the tight instructions on this one and eventually resorted to the computer to see if I could free myself up.

Finally, having not produced much that I was pleased with I decided to do a couple of pieces without any instructions and then discovered the value of these warming up exercises, especially in the second one where I made use of the very first image of the stripes over the shape. I didn't like this image at all in isolation but loved the way the stripes worked in this sample.



I think this will be a good base to come back to and was an interesting way of looking at design ideas, one I hadn't explored before

Next stop colour.


  1. Hi Sharon, yes I found these first exercises very prescriptive. I think as it is the first module i wasn't quite sure how much to branch out! but they were a good start up and a basis to expand on.i think the birds have it!

  2. I also found this exercise hard, there seemed to be no context for the designs, just a matter of doing what was asked, but as I worked through the list I found that I got a bit more free in my interpretations. I very much like the final design in which you have used drawing, cloth and stitch.

  3. I've just been catching up on all the creative work you have been producing Sharon - I am in awe of you! It is being able to create abstract pattern that I find (and always have) so difficult. Your work looks very inspiring.