Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Chapter 12 on to 3D

I have to say I've been procrastinating about getting into this next chapter as I couldn't see how it could work, but how wrong I was once I got started.

The first task was to 'build' a BG that could be used for cutting out selected shapes. I chose to use a mixture of nylon sheers, coloured cellophane, soft papers, silk and some sparkly fabrics. All the pieces were bonded using Supermend granules just to hold them lightly in place. The whole piece was then bonded to a medium weight Vilene.

The BG was then FME'd roughly to to hold the layers together. Finally the shapes were marked and machined from the the back with a double row of stitches.



The shapes were then cut out (cutting between the 2 rows of stitching). As you can see I've used 2 shapes that have become favourites as I've worked through the module.


I then started looking at how the negative and positive shapes might relate to each other.


As I was lining up the positive shapes on their own I wondered if they might make a collar, as I'd already been brainstorming about what the final piece might be.



And then I took a look at the negative shapes again, this time on their own and looking at a possible idea of using them over this piece of devoré velevt.


I was now ready to think about an overall shape that I might be able to use for it. So I took the shape of a previously worked piece of paperwork.


And fitted it onto the dummy.


Having satisfied myself that it had the makings of a good shape I laid my worked shapes over the pattern and pinned them in place.


Now I was ready to see how this would look on the dummy.


The arrows point to shapes that were worked in Bernina Designer Plus 6 software using a lace fill and a wave fill.


The inspiration for this piece came from a shoulder ornament that I saw in a gallery in Arundel, unfortunately I was so preoccupied with not being too obvious when I took my pic that I forgot to record the designer's name, big mistake!!



When I first approached this 3D project I had thoughts of using the abstract shapes I'd created in this design to make a sculpture.


But as this chapter was designed to take a more convoluted route I shelved the idea. However having completed my investigations I decided to drop back to the sculpture idea. I took my inspiration from this experimental piece from the book Basic Design, The dynamics of visual form by Maurice de Sausmarez. The chapter is headed 'The two dimensional field and space frame' and it examines amongst other things, how different planes react with each other, I think! It's the sort of book you'd need to read a lot of times to fully understand the concepts.


Finally I decided to have a go using my instincts as to how the various elements worked with each other.




I really liked the way the shadows were showing in these two shots.

It somehow reminds me of a boat with many flags/sails and if I used this, I think I would make them into preyer flags, sailing in the wind offering up your thoughts to whichever Higher power you believe in.

I don't think I would use the shells, they are really there to cover up the wood and are a bit predictable. I think a beautiful piece of driftwood would be better.

So now I have a dilemma as to which idea to use, maybe you have a favourite..........


  1. So many choices and what an amazing process, I'm in awe! I like the collar best though.

  2. I'm going to throw my twopennorth in and say I like the sails/flags best. I'm a sucker for anything to do with the sea as you probably know. I have the Maurice de Sausmarez book but haven't delved into it very far.

    I've just looked back over your post and I do like the stand up collar too.

  3. Can't you do both???
    I think I like the sails

  4. Well I love both, the collar best until I saw the sails!! I think the sails work well with your theme. Have you had a response from Sian yet ? I also think the pebbles/shells work well.

  5. The theatrical in me loves the collar, the romantic loves the sails, the rest of me is fascinated by the process.

  6. I do have a feeling you are coming full circle: the shadows in your last two shots do remind me of the neckpiece you saw in Arundel and that ornament looks like a boat to me. I think a driftwood would echo the wavy edges of your original shapes in a beautiful way. Thank you for sharing your mind process!

  7. So interesting!
    I like the idea of the prayer flags, and I really like picture 1/12/18.
    Actually, 'flags' is one of the ideas I have for my next 12x12 piece (but it's very different from yours)

  8. I love this project in all it's stages and the final presentation makes me think of flying figures. It is so unusual and very appealing.