Sunday, 26 December 2010

Module 2 chapter 6

This chapter is concerned with moving the design process further on, primarily by looking at small details of the Asian textiles that I studied at the exhibition I visited, and using this information to make relief surfaces.


The 2 bird stamps are bought woodcuts but do fit in well with the designs that I also researched in Sheila Paine's Embroidered Textiles.

This first sample was printed in black tissue paper using wax crayons and iridescent chalk pastels.


I then moved on to coloured BG papers, still looking at the fabrics for pattern ideas.



The above prints have all been tried using the rubbing technique, not something I would do out of choice with a stamp, as I'm much more comfortable printing with it.

So the next 4 samples have been worked with the stamps using stamp pads and bleach, and I think the results are much freer
and more my style.





Next the paper surfaces themselves were manipulated after printing and arranged to make different designs.



I think this was a very good design exercise as it was so closely linked to the inspirational source and yet this last sample has moved so far away from it that it has a life of its own which, for me, proves the process works.


  1. Interesting process Sharon. I hope you've had a good Christmas :)

  2. Beautiful shapes and textures with so many possibilities! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Carolyn x

  3. Well done and Happy Christmas, did you intend #3 to look like a Christmas tree! i love the bright sunny colours you have used.

  4. I just love these posts! Another interetsing exercise, I particularly like the samples with the bleach. Do you apply the bleach to the stamps, and if so, do they survive the experience?!