Sunday, 26 December 2010

module 2 chapter 7

This chapter gave me the opportunity to do something I've wanted to do for a very long time. I was lucky enough to be on a short break in South Wales when I started this chapter, which required making samples using Shisha techniques in a non traditional fashion. This meant stitching down anything alternative, using variations of the stitch technique.
I had a wonderful morning beach combing at Burry Port and came back with this lovely collection.


In the afternoon I started my sample, working with my treasures, while the rain poured down outside and I was lovely and cosy in our motorhome (Connie to those who know me).

I attached the pieces of glass between the 2 layers of silk organza and dyed cotton, again referring back to my textile studies for inspiration on the pattern combinations. The razor shells were loosely attached with a variation of Shisha stitch and the smaller shells and stones were attached by linking the stitches through one another. I added borders of chain stitch and herringbone, and finally I worked satin stitch triangles in the same way I'd seen on the Asian samples. It was a piece I really enjoyed doing and one that I would never have imagined I could think of.


The next sample was worked using both machine and hand stitch, worked over traditional Shisha mirrors and thick gold foil taken from a hot chocolate tin. It's very different to the hand worked sample, and came out a bit flat, but by working back into it with the pink braid it did give it more interest.


  1. A subject and source close to my heart as you probably know Sharon. Your first sample works really well to my eye. I like the base fabric you have used.

  2. Fabulous samples Sharon and such fun too. A nice way to remember your break away