Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Module 3 chapter 5b

OK....... I take it all back!!

Having got over my frustration with the last part of this chapter, I discovered that working with the braids I'd made was a whole lot more fun than actually making them.

I was particularly pleased with this sample as it used 2 of the braids made on a frame (which I hated, both doing and the results) , centre top and bottom.


These larger wrapped braids were harder to work with and didn't seem to fit any background designs well so I decided to lash them together.


But this smaller wrapped braid did work on this printed background.


These braids with the cords incorporated were quite hard too till I started tying them together and then a more decorative shape occurred when I bent them back on themselves.


The next sample was laid over a metallic surface which gave it much more depth.


And as usual I've saved the best till last ! Well I think so.


Or without the extra layer on the top.


More food for thought in this part of chapter 5 I think

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