Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Module 3 chapter 6

For this part of module three I chose the knit option as opposed to weave as I was quite keen to experiment after having made a few self discoveries in the previous chapter.

I started by choosing the theme, which was my original idea from module 1, of the seaside. I decided to work from this photo of beach rubbish.


Next I selected my yarns and materials to work with.


To start with I made a small samlpe using the suggestions in the chapter guidelines.


However I knew this wasn't the direction I wanted to go in, so I started another sample. This time on tiny sock needles, I was very inspired by this sample that I worked on my Textile/Fashion degree on an industrial knitting machine. I looked at it very carefully and tried to remember how it was constructed, as I thought that this would be a great way of interpreting the beach rubbish picture.


This sample is not part of my diploma collection.

But this one is my resolved sample. It took 9 and a half hours to complete and comprises of several different weights of yarn and wool. Most of the construction involved adding knitted sections to the rows in order to get the undulating texture I was looking for.



In this close up you can see that one of the sections has been turned around before the row was continued. Also on the bottom edge, left over yarn has been threaded through holes made by the construction of the added sections.


In this section I've added some tiny shells to the piece.

I was very pleased with this sample as it gave me chance to work on some freestyle knitting, which I haven't done since college.


  1. Love what you've done here Sharon, it's very exciting work. I love the original piece of pebbly knitting and the new sample. Clever you! :-)

  2. Much hard work but it was definitely worth it, really a fantastic sample Sharon

  3. I've been catching up with your posts Sharon, what a busy girl you are. The textures and colours of this free style piece are wonderful to discover - real eye candy!