Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Module 3 chapter 8b

Being of a stubborn disposition, I thought I'd persist with the same Chinese print fabric for the next set of samples. However the experience did not improve much from the first set, maybe edges just don't do it for me.

The purpose of this exercise was to investigate edges that have been faced.


This was my first attempt at something loose, following Sian's suggestions of shapes that might echo the edge, I have also referenced the original seaside theme with the shells. Personally I don't like the haphazard look of it and would much rather have created it with a prefect scallop and beautifully finished hanging discs.


This one picks up the hearts found in the fabric print, using Twinkle sheer, the edge was turned before the hearts were added.


The inserted braid in this one conveniently wound itself into a figure of 8 and looked quite interesting. I finished the edge with a machine pattern of flowers that was sympathetic to the fabric.


The last one had cut holes to pass the threads though and it's then filled with a heavy piping cord.

This next bit is a bit of self analysis to help me and maybe Sain when she assesses this chapter.

I think there are 2 main factors involved in this recent struggle with these chapters. One was sheer panic when Sian reminded me that my C&G registration runs out in March 2013, just over a year to do 4 and half modules plus an unfinished assessment piece. This has made me all too aware that I can't afford to spend too much time on areas of the course that don't sit well with me.

The second factor is that I'm now beginning to feel the effects of the drastic downsize that we went through at the beginning of the year. It has had the effect of making me very protective of the remaining stock that I have, and also less inclined to make vast amounts of mess in a room that doubles as a bedroom for myself and my husband.

Having worked out the above, I think I would like to spend more time on hand sewn work as this is easy to pick up and doesn't usually make loads of mess.

Also as a tutor on my degree course said, he didn't mind what we produced as long as it was always beautifully executed, and that still holds true for me. I find that other people's work that appeals to me is often 'beautifully executed' yet has a sense of freshness and excitement about it.

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