Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Module 3 chapter 8a

Creating edges.

Hmmm for some reason my heart wasn't in this exercise and I did struggle to complete it. Maybe I chose the wrong fabric to work with, but it was the only piece that I had that was big enough for the job and that I was prepared to cut up.

The first challenge was to extend the border of the fabric using any media. The top one is a mixture of oil pastel, watercolour and waterproof pen and sequin hearts. It reminded me of free machine embroidery. The second was watercolour pens and I was thinking of net worked over with FME.


The next 2 examples are worked in water-soluble pen, the bottom one is using the reverse of the fabric. The edge could be a fringe.


When I started on the samples my mind went blank and I think the results are a lot less exciting than the paperwork.


Here the edge has been work with tiny eyelets on the machine and threaded with a metallic braid. I do like the contrast of the the reverse of the fabric with the right side.


In this one I used a Twinkle sheer tuned over the edge and then scolloped on the machine. I do quite like this one and may try it on a skirt that I'm making in a similar Chinese silk.


Still working with sheer I used a sari fabric that had the gold selvedge, which I embroidered.


More machine patterns, picking up the heart shapes in fabric. Again I could see this as a skirt/dress border. Maybe my fashion roots are beginning to stir.


And finally with my heart in my mouth and hanging out of my apartment window I did manage a little bit of burning without setting off the fire alarms.

As an exercise for my sketch a day plan I drew my samples when I was finished, which proved to be very helpful, especially with
the sari sample, as i could see that if I did some embroidery on the surface of the sheer fabric this would improve the design.


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