Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Module 3 chapter 9

In this section I have chosen a sketch of one of my previous samples to expand into another design, with the possible outcome of an assessment piece later in the course.


I chose this section for the colour, the curved lines and delicate textures of the paint.


I used the rhythm and colours of the original design as a guide but used watercolor pens and wax pastels to really get some drama in the design.

In the next one I changed tack completely and used a sepia wash in Koh-i-noor dyes with just a hint of purple at the bottom, I then worked into the wash with bleach and Rub-ons.


The next challenge was to put one of these A4 designs onto a an A2 sheet and work another piece using the larger scale to develop at new design.


I this one the design became a lot looser and I combined Koh-i-noor washes with wax pastels and bleach for the mark making process.

The next exercise was to develop a colour scheme for the final assesment piece for this module.

I took 3 very small sections of the pieces I’d already created and chose one to work up. I chose the top one as I liked the colours and took a small piece of the original sketch which gave me the black outlines and the heart shapes. I changed the tone of the colours to give a more vivid colour scheme.


Next up, more designing, this time for a possible assessment pieces for later.

I decided that having worked out in my recent evaluation that I was missing my fashion roots, I would design a designer skirt.

I used all the paper designs I’d made so far and have created 4 different ideas concentrating on the seductive curves of the original sketch design. The prints are very large in some of the details but I think this will work against the other design areas.





These are just design ideas at present, but I think they might be exciting to play around with later.

Lastly I looked at ideas for a series of pieces, such as cushions, which would feature a cohesive design look, this time trying out a slightly different colour scheme.


The design was taken from this very small area of this piece.


This was a very interesting chapter and it felt like a nice free way to approach design, especially as it had an element of print design to it, which I think if I explored it further it could sit very well with my previous history.

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