Friday, 16 March 2012

Module 4 chapter 3

This chapter is out of sequence as I haven't completed chapters 2a/b as I plan to run them alongside the other chapters as they're hand stitch and therefore very portable.


As you can see by the above image this chapter is mainly to do with exploring your chosen flower digitally and by hand sketching to look at possible stitching potential.


All manipulation has been carried out using Photoshop CS4 and the above composite shows some of the filters I have used.


This was the hand worked sketch which was the starting point for the composite.



A couple more digital play, the bottom one has had considerably more manipulation than the others.

Then Sian suggested that we could either sketch the flower or the digital versions, something that's never occurred to me before, so I was pretty pleased with myself when I came up with these.




And last of all a shape to take on to further exercises.


This was a very pleasant exercise and a welcome return to digital manipulation, but with the added idea of sketching what you've created by hand you then bring it back to a more textile friendly design.

And also, in my case a welcome distraction to the production of the compulsory stitch element of the course. Just a personal thing as I find stitch diagrams invariably impossible to follow and even struggle with YouTube videos.


  1. This looks great, Sharon. Look forward to getting on to that part.

  2. give me stitch over computers any day.....I have a self portrait on my blog manipulated with stitch. I did it ten years ago and re discovering it reminded me of the pleasure I had creating it....a bit like the pleasure I get coming here...memories of study...thank you!