Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Module 4 chapter 4

Reinventing the Elizabethan slip.

I started this chapter by exploring the shape that I ended up with in chapter 3, plus looking at one or two others.


Having settled on the shape I then produced 4 digitally embroidered slips and started looking at complimentary colours and textural ideas to mount them on.


The fills for the slips are as follows:

1. A simple blackwork fill

2. A lace fill under a wave fill

3. A candlewick fill

4. 2 blackwork fills, one on top of the other


After looking at the above, I then worked my four contemporary slip samples.


This slip is mounted on a piece of felted knitting using French knots to hold it in place.


The above sample is mounted on silk Dupion with a copy of the slip design stitched to the fabric and the slip itself has been stitched in place with machine straight stitch.


I thought the geometric shapes of this slip would work well on a silver net and secured it with gold beads.


This sample was really difficult to photograph as I wanted to show its transparency. It's mounted on metallic organza and secured with running stitch in silk thread.

This was quite a fun chapter to do , especially as I had the chance to work with the digital embroidery again. I think the shape was a little awkward to work with and the results of the samples were quite tight.


  1. What exquisite work, you should be very pleased with your results.

  2. beautiful stitching Sharon....