Thursday, 12 April 2012

Module 4 chapter 7

In this chapter I experimented with a Shibori technique to create semi permanent shapes in silk organza, silk organdie, acetate satin and nylon shere.

I used a variety of items, ranging from stones to shells, beads and buttons.


These small items were tied in place with thread and dyed string and then steamed for 10 minutes .

4/7/2 Silk organza over dupion silk

This was a sample cerated in one of the previous exercises and as you can see the shapes have worked really well.

4/7\3 Acetate satin tied with dyed string, which has bled as I intended.

4/7/4 top left nylon sheer, bottom right silk organza

4/7/5 silk organdie, tied with dyed string

4/7/6 another nylon sheer pre worked sample.

I really liked this exercise and was very surprised to find that the shapes had held firm after having 24 hours to dry and set.

It definitely has a lot of potential and I could see it making a very good starting point the this module's PAP


  1. Really promising Sharon, and beautiful. How do you steam your samples? Do you have a steamer or you make use of a simpler method? Really interested. By the way are you going to summer school?

  2. sigh......your work is so beautiful and so very appealing and so makes me want to go
    back to UNI!!!

  3. These are so dainty and very pretty.