Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Module 4 chapter 6

This chapter is all about manipulating the shape of a slip.

I chose to work with some more of the digital designs, and as I'd decided to make use of a visit to my daughter's house to do some burning techniques I layered up three layers of sheer fabric and a nylon lace.


I used the opportunity to manipulate some of the fill patterns and lettering to create something different.

The above slips have all been cut from the background fabric with a soldering iron. After which they were carefully zapped with the heat gun to mould them into different shapes, and in the case of the 2 upper left samples, which were produced with metalic thread, give an impression of lace.




As I'd like to combine this type of slip with a designer style garment I've placed them on various fabrics that I think might work in this context.


When I cut out the above slips I'd stitched them very close together to get as many designs into the hoop as possible and when I looked at the piece holding the two together, I liked what I saw so I left it.

I then had a play with the negative shapes and overlaid a couple of designs over the hole.



Lastly I cut out a three of the unstitched tulip shapes and zapped them gently.


And a couple of random negative shapes.


I really enjoyed this chapter, which surprised me as previous attempts with heat tools have left me cold, but I think maybe the loan of a gas soldering iron made all the difference, it seemed much easier to use than an electric one as it has no lead of course, but once hot the heat seems much more constant and easier to use.

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  1. wow, wow and wow again...especially the second!!!