Saturday, 30 June 2012

Module 4 Chapter 2

Traditional stitch samples There are ten stitch samples to be completed for this module. My inspiration was taken from the Plymouth Jacket, which formed part of my initial research.
4/2/1 All samples were created the size of a postage stamp.
4/2/2 This sample shows all ten samples , but 2 have to be finished, i.e. the counted thread sample and the slip sample. The following images show all ten samples separately.
4/2/3 This is the slip shape which I constructed with satin stitch and turned the edges under, gluing them with PVA and then stitching it to a silk Dupion ground. I then worked a decorative chain stitch surround. I was surprised how well this turned out as it was very fidley to keep the edges under even though it had been glued.
4/2/4 Again I was really surprised how easy it was on this sample to pull the canvas threads away from the background, once they'd been soaked in boiling water.
4/2/5 This is my padded stitch sample, which I worked by filling the ares with single seed stitch and then overstitching with satin stitch.
4/2/6 This is my flap stitch sample.
4/2/8 These 2 images show my wired shape, before cutting and manipulating it and after cutting.
4/2/9 My darned shape
4/2/10 My Kantha shape
4/2/11 This is my solid stitch shape which I tried to work in tent stitch, but the weave of the linen was much too dense to follow so i had to do it freehand.
4/2/12 Monochrome and 'speckled' shape.
4/2/13 Chain stitch shape The next challenge was raised work. The first sample is worked over 2 layers of cardboard using perlé worked over in 2 layers of satin stitch, worked in different directions.
4/2/14 Next is a raised band
4/2/15 I worked a simple padded shape with detached buttonhole stitch for the next sample.
4/2/16 And then i tried with some difficulty to master Hollie stitch, for a stitched flap.
4/2/17 Lastly, and most challenging was a freestanding shape worked in Hollie stick over a wire support, which was then removed, a tricky process and one i hope i don't have to repeat.
My Apologies for the poor formatting but i haven't mastered Blogger's annoying new interface!!! 4/2/18

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