Friday, 20 July 2012

Module 5 chapter 2

I started on this chapter, which is centred on making lace-like structures by using removable grounds or using a stitched structure, by using a water-soluble medium and seeing if I could work a traditional Punto in Aria lace with free machine embroidery.

As I was so enamoured with the devil type figure I started with that and moved onto the modern cafe curtain design and then worked on a general flower shape and border pattern.




It wasn't easy to keep the lace structure under control while washing away the water-soluble backing, but the process gave me an idea of how the original lace would have been constructed, as that too would have had all the threads connected to the base threads of the design, so that it would all stay together when the support threads and background were taken away.


Next I looked at making a structure with fabric pieces and machine stitch, using my personal theme of the seaside to create a colour pallet.


My next experiment was with hand made paper stitched into a grid.


I then moved back to the dragon:


I really liked the construction in the feathers on the left of the picture, so I drew them lightly on a piece of embroidery backing, which I thought was water soluble, it wasn't .


I cut some of the open areas to see if the idea has potential and I think it does.

I then worked the same patterns on water-soluble medium and washed them out very quickly to save some of the glue in with the stitches, these were then roughly sewn together to create the sample below.


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