Monday, 30 July 2012

Module 5 chapter 4

Holes used to create positive and negative shapes.

I started this chapter with a couple of designs taken from my historical research to demonstrate the difference between negative and positive shapes.


The positive shapes create the design repeat in the this patten.


Negative shapes have created this design repeat (the shapes have been cut out of the white paper.)


This experiment shows how you can create positive LHS and negative RHS shapes using holes/circles in a design.

I drew some patterns of vintage cutwork on a bed cover to give me some design ideas.


And also did some sketches of samples in the last chapter.


For my first sample I looked at positive shapes.


This was worked with tissue paper and scrim, FME and then had some of the paper removed and some shapes cut away.


This is the second positive shape design using silver netting and nylon sheer. The patterns have been drawn from the above paperwork and the stitching is FME.


This negative shape design was constructed using a layer of metallic organza with a layer of silk organza and sandwiching a lace motive between.


The last sample is also a negative shape design and has been constructed using silk and metallic organza.

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