Thursday, 26 July 2012

Module 5 chapter 3b

Suspended shapes with stitch and manipulated methods.


The above sample was worked of silk organza, stitching circles with perle thread and then pulling them up to create a bubble. shape.


In this sample I introduced some scrim to give a different texture and the added some ruched pieces and more bubble pieces using silk organza and nylon sheer.


In this one I sandwiched metallic organza between 2 layers of silk organza, cut the edges and then skewed the sample up into a ball.


Another sandwich this time 2 layers of nylon organza with lace and silver net scraps between and then cut up into squares. Then the squares were threaded together with small pearl beads to keep the gap in place.


In the last one I've pleated and pressed a circle of silk organza and held the shape in place with glass beads.

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  1. Sharon...these are all so beautiful..delicate. How will you store these? or will you mount them in some way?