Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Module 5 chapter 11

For my PAP in this module I have decided to make myself the client, for a site specific piece. I have a very nice mood lamp that changes colour to enhance the atmosphere of the room. The only problem is that I don't like the plastic dome in which the lamp is housed.


The place in the room that I propose to put the light will be between 2 windows, with the TV to the left side, so it will be important to diffuse the light when the TV is on.


As it is an LED style lamp it gives out almost no heat and is therefore not going to be a problem re fire hazard if I make a lampshade covering for it.

I decided that I'd like to make a tall floor standing shade so that the light can stand in the bottom and the coloured lights can be seenfrom bottom to top.

I researched a few styles and shapes, seen here.

1 Italian LED Asfour (Swarovski) Tall grand floor lamp

3 Rio Shuko Tall floor lamps

4 Floor lamp Wild Fennel

5 Ibolili Floor lamps with impcact

And then I made a start on skeching some ideas using the embroidery designs that I'd researched at in the last module.

The colour scheme has come from my personal research of the seaside and drawings of shells, and sea holly, as I wanted this piece to remind me of the sea, but it also has to fit in with the decor of the room.


The next challenge was to work out the type of shape shade that I felt would work best plus the kind of decoration it required.

The above sketch shows a spiral design incorporating the embroidery designs mentioned earlier.


The lace spral was made of one piece of FME on nylon organza with a w/s backing which was then cut into strips and has wire couched to it in order to shape the spiral. The base was created with laminated layers of tissue paper that were then FME'd for decoration and strength.

The next idea I tried was a 4 sided shade.


This is still exploring the embroidery designs of the cutwork and the Punto in Aria work.



This trial side has been worked following the front face of the sketch above using a sheet of velum onto wich I transferred the design in pencil and then stitched through it with FME but without thread. I then worked into the holes with silk threads (using the shell inspired colour scheme) in places over the design and I also picked out some areas with a fine drawing pen.

The third prototype design is totally based on the shells in shape and colours.






Some of the shell shapes have been worked on a sheer backgound while others have been worked over a w/s medium whaich was partially dissolved leaving the piece stiff enought to mould to shape.

I'm leaning towards the four sided shade at the moment as my preferred design.


  1. What fabulous ideas Sharon, I love them all.The shell shape is so delicate. It would be a hard decision to choose which to go with, you could always make one of each.

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  3. The colours you have worked with are lovely together.It looks as if we 're both tackling transparency in one way or another.Thanks for your continuing interest.

  4. oh my....the four sided shape was my favourite until I got to the last one..now I can't decide!!! Good job it's not up to me....