Thursday, 30 August 2012

Module 5 chapter 12

Artists study

Carole Waller is an artist that I have admired for a long time as her work involves a lot of transparency, which is something I would like to introduce increasingly into my work.

Her summer collection for 2012 of painted clothes is especially beautiful.

Caroline Broadhead's work is also very beautiful and was unknown to me until I looked her up from the suggested sources of Textile Artist working with transparent materials.

I also found a very interesting group of textile artists who work under the name Bel Bela "Their projects link textile, industrial and spatial design ."

You can see more here.

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  1. A great choice Sharon, I was lucky a few years ago to go on a 3 day workshop with Carole Waller. It was one of the most inspiring and exciting 3 days I have ever had!