Monday, 13 August 2012

Module 5 chapter 6

Suspension in silk fibre layers


The above sample was created by sandwiching a layer of silk paper and lens tissue together with small flat shells, silk organza and silk fibres in the the middle. The whole was then pasted together with fabric medium.



The other side

The same technique was used for this sample with a sandwich of silk organza and metallic organza with lace and silk fibres in the middle.


The next is a base of acid dyed silk rods with metallic organza threads and snippets over the top.


The same silk rods were used in the above sample sandwiched between 2 layers, one of silk organza, the other hand dyed dupion silk.


This sample is a layer of silk fibres with various threads and lace and silk rods layed on the top, then the whole was stuck together with a gold fabric medium.


The last sample is silk fibres, silk knitting , Duoin silk and the frayed thread of Dupion samples .

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