Monday, 19 November 2012

Final Personal Assessment Piece part 1

As discussed in my proposal in chapter 5 I have decided to make an installation piece as a focal point for our living room in our new home, using a mood lamp as the the source of illumination and my theme of the seaside as my inspiration.

Having  worked through several ideas for shapes I settled on a four sided construction with vellum embroidered panels.


Having established this  I then started looking for a structural support. 
I visited my local DIY store looking for inspiration. My first thoughts were to make an invisible support from dowel rods that would be inserted into a base with a top support as well.


The main problem I had with both of the methods in the plan above was that I couldn't envisage how I would be able to fix the velum embroidered sheets to the poles. I also didn't like the idea of the dowel as it was too predictable. The metal rods were better as I liked the idea of an industrial feel working against the delicate embroidery, but again there was the problem of edging. This took me on to the idea of decorative wooden beaded strips but this was too mass produced.

Then I spotted these angle beads and thought they had great potential, so I bought one and started to  play with it.


PAP 6a

As you can see from image 6 I have made a paper model to see how the angle bead might be subdued as I felt it was too industrial in it's original form and would overpower the embroidery. In 6a the three images show different colours of the mood lamp and also an alternative embellishment with a paper pulp sample, I like the shadows that are forming behind the structure.

At the same time I did quite few sketches to try and feel my way into the design of the structure.

In PAP 7 the LHS top sketch is the design and measurements for the paper mock and PAP 8 is a digital sketch.


At this stage I decided to drop back to the inspiration for the piece to decide what the real essence of it was for me. I decided that Rhythm was playing a large part in my thinking process, so I collected some images and sketches of the seaside, that being my personal research theme for this piece, that reflected rhythm for me.

PAP 10

Having worked on this part of the piece I then returned to the Angle Beads and did some photos and sketches to try and capture the fascination I felt for the repetitive patterns that they made when stacked and the shadows that they created.
PAP 11
PAP 12

For my last experiment for this first part of my PAP I added some texture to the wire frame in the form of paper pulp. 

PAP 13

PAP 14

More experiments with the ideas of paper pulp

PAP 14

In top RHS image  I have been experimenting with mixing the paper pulp sample with the velum sample on the bottom to obscure the plastic structure of the mood lamp.

PAP 15

In the above image you can see I've been experimenting with colouring the pulp.

From experiments worked so far I have decided that my theme for this piece will be Rhythm Structure Statement

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  1. you work so hard and put so much effort into all of these modules. I love the image of the wire mesh with pulp....