Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Drawing together

The sphere project is finally reaching the part I seem to dislike the most in 3D, the construction.

Although I've made extensive experiments with the prototype it's always a stress when you're working with your final carefully created individual parts.

The panels have all been washed and are ready to sew, glue? together.

The centre top panel is the only transparent one.

I'm working my way through the ribs with 5 pairs completed, only 2 to go. Then its onto the spacer for each pair, another seven to digitally embroider, I have a very hot sewing machine today, poor thing's never worked so hard.

In the previous post I documented my procedure for saving the very expensive stabiliser that I use, but I'd forgotten to show how it works before being hooped.

This is quite a time consuming process, but worth it as the wastage on a full hoop double layer would have been enormous. I've got the preparation time down to about 45 minutes from an hour and a half now, so I'm getting used to the technique.

And here's a completed pair pinned and waiting for the stabiliser to be washed out.

Voila! 2 completed rib pieces.

One of the things I've mentioned before is the carry over of the use of a time log, from the C&G training. I find it an invaluable discipline for monitoring how much time I've spent on a piece, a technique, or how much time I've spent per week etc.

The highlighted entries are for my research project on Dungeness so that I can easily see the difference between the 2 projects when I come to collate the recorded information.

My spelling often leaves a lot to be desired but most of the time I can understand what I want to record. 


  1. Love your new 'grown up' look! Your panels are looking great. Yes its not only people who get too hot in this weather, keep cool.

  2. The panels look great, and the ribs look like the sort of task you know you want to do to a high standard but will be pleased when it's done!
    The time keeping record is a good idea, especially if at some point you were asked to produce something like this for someone else. I think because we do what we do for enjoyment, it's so easy to underestimate the amount of time when preparing a quote.

  3. I love the panels as individual, stand alone works...they're stunning