Thursday, 11 July 2013

Field trip

We've just returned from a fantastic 'field trip' to Dungeness, and already, the contextual research I did in the previous post has informed my exploration on this trip.

I found that I was looking more closely at everything around me, with a more relaxed approach, which in turn allowed me to connect subconsciously with those things that resonate with me.

On my first  beach foray I discovered this  decaying trap, I think it might be a crab trap. What  drew me to it was the contrast of the fierce hook in the centre and the lovely draping of the spent net.

And from these I made a more in depth study of the cage and the relationship of the net, within its surroundings.

At this moment in time, I don't know the relevance of these ideas of entrapment, but am happy to let them hang in the air as part of the exploration.

Another pleasing link in my contextual studies was to discover a new fishing boat among the fleet on the shore, and on further investigation I notice the name was Doreen T, the same resident who features on the video that I have been using for my research. 


For the first time in our travels to this amazing place we arrived at night and have never before seen the power station lit up from a distance. I tried very hard to get a photo but am not skilled enough to get anything more than an impression, but it was an amazing sight. One of the tallest areas has slits that look just like cathedral windows, so it has the effect of something from an American theme park crossed with Note Dame.

if you can't do it, just play

stitchy ????

While on the subject of the power station I read an article here that made me realise I wasn't alone in my bizarre feeling of safety, whenever I'm there and see it in the distance, it feels somehow comforting. The Guardian article quotes "Put simply, they live in houses that happen to be next door to a nuclear power station because it makes them feel safe." This article also has a much better image than mine of the station lit up at night.

One thing I did notice that had changed on this visit was the dressing of one of my favourite sheds in decline. Someone had draped it in nets giving it a rather beautiful result.

And a filtered version, just for the fun of it.....

This would make an amazing structure for an installation.

A couple more sketches, the bottom one was completed hanging half in and half out of the above shed.

To get this window on the beach...

And just a few random shots, playing with ideas..... looking through

more shadows......

Finally I took my phone onto the beach and recorded my thoughts.......

"I have to be part of this landscape.......with the wind in my hair blowing in my face.

I have to be part of what's here,  part of the be part........of the be part of what isn't rubbish, its just natural decay and its so beautiful.

And to be part of the sea, to hear it, in its inevitableness, its reliability, it goes in and out .......nothing stops it, we haven't managed to destroy it , it does its thing, it doesn't need us, we need it .

This landscape is about working and survival."

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  1. you are making me want to visit with all these amazing images and don't you just love a fishing net. My eldest brother is a fisherman, that's how he makes his living so I guess it's in our blood coming from the North West coast.