Sunday, 15 June 2014

Resolution 7 (rest and evaluation)

As with most projects there comes a time when the next step seems unclear and often the only way forward is to take a break from it, and allow yourself time to evaluate what you've done so far and see what might work and what doesn't.

I decided to trace all the portrait embroideries and the figures pulling on the rope onto velum, (the front layer of lace having already been completed), which although not transparent like the organza, the proposed final fabric,  does give some idea of how the final piece might look.

These panels have been hanging in my summerhouse/studio for several weeks, and I think I am now happy that the concept will work. I like the natural light playing on these sheets and I now need to find out how the effect will look on organza, as it will be very different.

There are still some technical details to sort out with the digital embroidery, but hopefully these will be resolved fairly easily.

During this break from the project I have continued with my skeletal/muscle studies and am finding the challenge irresistible, there is considerable satisfaction in achieving a close copy of the poses in the book that I'm working from, Practical Anatomy for Artists Peter M Simpson. I have also started to use his methods in a several studies of the work of different sculptors, plus some life modelling.

A sketch of a sculpture at Petworth House

A whole skeleton studied at Haslemere Museum

Although this body of work has little direct connection to the project, I do feel that without the direction that it has taken I would not have been lead down this path, so as long as I have the luxury of time I am happy to pursue it for as long as it pleases me to do so. It could easily develop into a new direction as I find the shapes of the muscles and the bones often quite beautiful.

There is a comforting rhythm in the shapes and the connection they make with each other in order to form the whole.


  1. Wow! I can see real progress in your drawings Sharon, practise really does make perfect. I find figure drawing so difficult and I salute you for the work you are putting in. I had heard of the book you are using but have never taken the time to work with it, you're making me wish I had.

  2. I do agree that you can get too close to a piece and time away from it with reflection can really help. It's all looking good. And your life drawing will be so useful to have spent time working on, love it.

  3. Sharon, your anatomy drawings are brilliant. I do think you have developed enormously in a very short space of time. Pleased to read that some time out has given you the perspective you needed for your Dungeness project. Your work does look good in its velum format.

  4. It's great to see you move toward completion after your rest.Do you have a drop-in life class near so you could try more drawings in the flesh,so to speak? Thanks for your positive encouragement,I too am finally moving forward.

  5. I don't know why but I am always stunned by the depth of your sampling, your investigations. The reason I say I don't know why is because your dedication is constant, your willingness to put every effort into a project is ever present and I know it so I shouldn't be surprised. the pieces on vellum....please tell me you will keep those? I can see a whole new body of work evolving from that exercise.