Friday, 18 March 2016

Lace panel 1

Having finished editing all the portraits I have now started preparing for the digitising of the lace sail.

So far I have only created a very small sample for this piece so I had no idea how it would look in reality.

First of all I selected an area in the top left corner of the design and working to the shape of my Mega Hoop digital embroidery frame I traced out the first panel using a light box.

The next stage was to import the image into the software and digitise the design, which basically involves drawing over it with a Bamboo tablet and stylus, which is a lot easier to control than a mouse.

Then came my favourite task (not) of removing as many connecting threads as possible.

I stitched the design out onto calico, the final piece will be on silk organza, and in the interest of saving money (and keeping the design colour thread back for the real thing), I used a yellow thread to stitch it and couldn't see it! So I decided to outline the whole piece with a fine liner pen.

I quite like the result against the yellow stitching. You might also see that the top half of the design has been stitched in triple running stitch and the rest in single. Somehow I must have gone back to the default stitch, there's such a lot to learn when you want to push the software to the limit and don't yet have quite enough knowledge. Something I'm very familiar with.


  1. oh dear....I haven't visited for such a long time and now I do you are back on one of your amazing projects....I am ready, waiting for updates, to watch this evolve and enjoy your wonderfully descriptive posts....and hello!!

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished lace sail!