Monday, 4 April 2016

Dungeness revisited at last

At last we found a break in the weather that combined with a window of nothing to do, (surprisingly difficult to find even though we are retired), so we headed off last Wednesday and have enjoyed a lovely mix of sunshine, light showers and temperatures up to 24 degrees in our motorhome.

We hadn't had the chance to visit for eighteen months, so I was incredibly pleased to be able to update my source photos.

I found myself becoming increasingly obsessed with the washing flapping on the lines, with the bulk of the power station in the background, it just seemed so incongruous. 

Having been using a drier for the past 5 years as we now live in an apartment, I'd forgotten how satisfying that sound is. That coupled with the simplicity of the houses and their setting gave me a great feeling of nostalgia. 

I stayed a while sitting in the sun enjoying the opportunity to sketch this lovely home with its original railway carriage on the left of the building.

I finally managed to tear myself away and look for more textural inspiration, which is never in short supply along the beach.

I loved the contrast of the colours of this discarded carpet against the rust of the roof of a shed that had finally given itself up to the winds.

This one has been a favourite of mine ever since my first visit, but now it has almost lost its roof and most of the panels are gone.

But what remains has provided this wonderful texture that time and weather have created.

This too is a beautiful pattern I found on a concrete shed wall, the five leaf shaped patterns look almost like a lino print, making the whole wall look like a work of art.

I love the contrast of this next image, the netting looks fragile against the metal and the composition (as found) is perfect.

And this next one reminds me of a framed piece of work by a contemporary artist.

I took this just for fun because it was there, and I knew I couldn't take it home with me, in fact the next day only the tail was left.

A little bit of art photography for a change, as I'm not a photographer.

The last 2 images are fairly random, just taken for their pattern and colour qualities. 

It was a lovely visit, and has reaffirmed my connection with Dungeness and has made me determined to finish the 'Lady Launchers' project. 


  1. Lovely pictures Sharon. And lots of inspiration. Love the one with the netting and the decaying metal too. Is there also burnt wood in it?

  2. 24 degrees!!!! I demand an inquiry...I drove home in snow last night...yes...honestly. I do love these images, especially the ramshackle building, you can't fail to be inspired.

  3. I can see how these textures inspire your computerised lace designs. But my favourite is your sketch of the little house. :)

    Lovely that you managed to get back to Dungeness. Saw it on a 'Secret Places' programme on TV a couple of weeks ago and thought of you.