Saturday, 29 April 2017

Digitally embroidered lace

I’m finally reaching the the end of the mammoth task of 33 hoopings for this piece of the Dungeness project. Once that is completed I will add hand stitching with silk thread to give a surface texture using subtle colours that reflect the story of this project, which you can see here

I started the final piece using silk organza as I wanted all three pieces to be seen one behind the other, and it has proved to be a delightful medium for making lace patterns.

The design has been drawn onto sheets of velum so you cannot see through them, but it gives an idea of how the piece  will look.

I checked the fabric was on the straight of the grain to ensure that the design would hang true when suspended on a
support, which has yet to be determined.

I then checked the position of the first hooping by placing the hoop grid over first hooping on the calico mock and marking the position top and bottom (the top is seen seen in the red circle in the image above). It was crucial that the design would be stitched in the same position as the mock, so that there would be enough room to accommodate the hoop on the outer edges of the design. 

I transferred the marking to the organza and stitched out the first hooping in exactly the right place, as you can see where it lays over the mock.

I was now ready to stitch the remaining 32 hoopings, at the time of writing this post I'm on number 26.

I made a lot of use of the light box when matching registration marks before stitching each part of the design.

I've learnt a great deal during the process of constructing this piece, and realised how important it is to have a solid logical progression when digitising the design in the first place. I will definitely be revisiting the Digital embroidery course that I have been taking, offered by Carol Undy, I highly recommend it to anyone starting out on this style of embroidery or someone who wants to enhance their knowledge. 

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