Monday, 5 June 2017

All 33 hoopings have been completed at last

The lace panel now has all the digitised embroidery completed. It’s taken a very long time but now I  can enjoy the addition of some hand embroidery, which will give the piece texture and accents of colour.

The stabiliser is still in place as it will support the hand stitching and I also need to work a boundary stitch for the whole piece.

Some of the registration marks are still in place as they have been stitched through several layers of stabiliser which will need to be washed off to access the threads.

Once I get towards the end of a project I start to look for inspiration for the next one. I usually examine at least 2 subjects and at the moment I’m considering the famous Ferguson Gang who were a group of forward thinking women in the late1920’s and 30’s. They made it their ambition to raise money in order to help the fledgling National Trust  purchase properties  and land that would otherwise have been lost to the nation.

Part of the National Trust display

Part of the National Trust display

The first property that they helped the National Trust acquire and renovate was Shalford Mill, near Guildford in Surrey.

Part of the National Trust display

The gang had a room in the mill where they hatched their plans, had sleepovers and entertained friends on occasions. It has been faithfully furnished in-keeping with the original style and gives a very nostalgic feeling of the ladies having just left after one of their visits.

Unfortunately no photographs of the room are allowed as it is part of the current resident’s accommodation.

The mill entrance

A very imposing building

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