Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Eyelets and presentation

Having arrived at a point where I needed to make a decision on how I would hang the 3 sails of the completed project, I started to explore some ideas.

I had always had in mind to hang the sails from pieces of driftwood, but I discovered that although the idea worked with the velum sketches, it proved very difficult to achieve a suitable amount of tension on the organza.

I tried using a flat piece of wood (my wooden meter rule) to see if that was more stable and easier to use, but this wasn’t giving me the tension I wanted.

I was also concerned that this arrangement where each hanging cord would need to be attached to a ceiling when I am in a position to exhibit the piece, could prove problematic.

Another idea that I had been thinking about at the beginning of the project was to make a window frame for each sail, which would connect to the sheds and some of the historic dwellings found on the Dungeness peninsular.

                                                     Early inspiration for the window frame idea

I decided to make a trial window frame using mount board and masking tape, rather than starting with wood, as I thought it would be easier than going straight into lengths of timber. I started by cutting eight pieces of mount board, 2” wide by 32” long as they would be the shortest lengths.

Then I tackled the longest side which measures 43” and required a joining piece to make them long enough as the mount board was only 32” in length. All these pieces were stuck together with masking tape to create the equivalent of 4 lengths of 2”x 2” timber. 

I am delighted with the finished mount board frame and have definitely decided that this will be the final form that the presentation will take.

The frames will stand on a plinth that will have holes drilled into the top allowing a light source, placed inside, to illuminate the sails.

The embroidered eyelets for hanging the sails have now been completed and I will be able to wash off the stabiliser on the completed lace sail.

I have begun to experiment with forms of rope knotting which will be used to attach the sails to the frame.


  1. I like the idea of frames to show the sails. So, a light will come from under the frames, in addition to natural light? Are you trying sailors knots to attach the sails?

    1. Many thanks for your comment, Francoise, my plan is to exhibit the finished piece in subdued lighting with the lights in the box giving a gradual light from the bottom to the top. I have done this with another piece and it worked well. I have tried a few sailors knots, but they're very difficult, so I made one up, I'm not sure if I will use it though.