Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Decorative hand stiches and a border

Decorative hand stitches and a border 

I’ve spent an enjoyable few weeks adding hand stitch to this piece in limited colours that reflect the environment of the Dungeness  peninsular…

It’s quite difficult to know when to stop embellishing the work as it would be very easy to overpower the digital embroidery.

The next step was to decide on a border stitch for the piece, which proved to be quite difficult.

I tried various different patterns on my embroidery machine, using the stitch size facility to make variations in length while  stitching.

I also tried hand stitching, which you can see in the image below (on the upper RHS), after the stabiliser has been washed away and each design has been cut ready for auditioning.

Having found a couple of very good trims in my local fabric /haberdashery shop I decided to see if they would work free standing on the stabiliser and stay complete when it was washed away, and they did, much to my surprise.

But after offering them up I decided that the two I liked were too heavy.

I finally settled on the design below.

I am now in the process of working out how close I can put the border to the design and how to make a neat turn at the corners.

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