Saturday, 29 October 2011

Module 1 Assessment piece

Finished at last!!

This assessment piece has undergone some changes since the first proposal, but the basic idea of a 'wishing tree' is still the same.

My friend and fellow artist who works in glass got married this year and also had a major restructure at work, so she's virtually had no time to work in her studio. This obviously meant I had to rethink my idea of working with her.

I finally decided to go back to the shapes I'd developed for the the prep exercise here. I decided to simplify them and make them more fluid.


I then made the decision to work with sheers and silk organza because I had in my mind that if I couldn't use glass then I wanted a fabric that would be translucent in the light.

Having decided on the shapes I made a 3 layered sandwhich, usually keeping the silk organza between the layers of sheers as it's very prone to fray and I didn't want any bulk so there was no seam finishing, I just did 2 rows of running stitch, in silk thread to hold the layers together.

As this was to be a 'wishing tree' I decided to make it for my family, so every leaf/shape has a different ornamentation and colour scheme to suit that person.


This one, for instance is mine as I have creative penchant for lizards in my designs.

I studied all the colour combinations very carefully to see how they would best show in the light, and I was also very particular in my choice of thread using hand dyed silk and metallic embroidery thread.


This shape has a dried sea holly trapped inside for a familly member who loves the seaside.


And this one is for someone who wears their heart on the their sleeve.


This is for someone who lives their life to the full and is open to any opportunity.


For a small person who loves all that glitters.


For someone who once sorted all by buttons into the correct oder and still loves order in their life.


One for my husband who loves his cider.

Once I'd got the idea for the leaves/shapes I then had to decide how to display them. This kept me from finishing the piece for quite a while, and then I found some very malleable wire in my local fabric/craft shop and I started to play. I loved the spiral shape and started by supporting it on a piece of driftwood, but that was too light, so then I thought it would be fitting to use this massive stone with a huge hole in it, as I'm very superstitious about picking up stones with holes in on the beach, for good luck. I had to leave my large collection behind when I moved, all except this one.

Finally the hanging device for the shapes is a piece of very fine wire decorated with beads and bent to fit the spiral.

I consider this piece as an ongoing item to be added to when a new family member arrives or needs a wish to be fulfilled. It is therefore a functional 3D piece.



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  1. this is lovely Sharon and such wonderful shadows, well done