Thursday, 27 October 2011

Module 3 chapter 4

This chapter is another form of printing, but this time with stencils.

I used a small variety of media that I've been wanting to experiment with for some time and theses three choices had the advantage of being dry media, easy for me to use in my art space.


The ChromaCoal pastels were a delight to use just like normal chalk pastels but they can be fixed with an iron on a wool setting.
The silk pens were also easy to use and again could be fixed with an iron, I used them with cotton in my sample and they worked really well.
Lastly the oil pastels worked well especially once the fabric was hot after the srencil, made from freezer paper had been pressed in place.


It was quite difficult to relate my samples to the shapes I'd used for the printing exercise as there were a lot of entwined shapes so I settled for using mainly curved stencils.


In this first sample I used a hand dyed textured silk. The first 2 rows were done with the ChromaCoal pastels, the next 2 were oil pastels and the last one was ChromaCoal.


In this sample I used the Silk pens on a hand dyed cotton as I thought they would work better on a non textured surface.


Here I started to experiment with the oil pastels, in the top half I was taking prints off the stencil after it had been use and then deliberately colouring the stencil again with oil pastel and ironing it onto the cloth face down. The bottom print is using oil pastel over a stencil.


Next I printed with oil pastel onto cream nylon sheere.


And then printed the residue left on the baking parchment after ironing the previous sample on to this piece of hand dyed cotton.


Then married the 2 together.


In this sample I used 2 colours in the ChromaCoal with the small cutouts of the big stencil at the bottom left.


Finally, as I was clearing up I noticed that the sheer fabric was laying over this sample and I quite liked it.


But I think I liked this one even better.

I thoroughly enjoyed this chapter, maybe that's because it was a form of printing again.

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