Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Module 4 chapter 10

The task for this chapter was to make some felt samples that develop the idea of ‘slips’ by embedding small fragments within the layers.

My choice of method was wet felting.

For my first attempt I used the basic wet method and introduced some fabric and yarn pieces on the top layer, that were complimentary to the purple and blue background, created with layers of Marino wool. This first piece was felted so hard, I rolled it for 20minutes, that it welded the backing cloth to the wool, but I managed to prize it away eventually.



Reverse side

For my second sample I used a similar method but this time it was taken from Lizzie Houghton’s Creative Felting book., which required 20-30 rollings. The effect was much thinner and less dense.



Reverse side

For this one I used a lovely orange mixture of Marino wool and added some pieces of blue wool to form spirals

The third sample I tried was a method, again taken from Lizzie Houghton’s book, using marbles to create a textured surface.

I didn’t have marbles so I used large beads and did create the effect, just about. I also added some strips of metallic organza.


The colours for these samples have been inspired by the colours of the sky, landscapes and architecture seen on my travels through France this year, and are also firmly routed in my personal research topic of the seaside.

I had forgotten how satisfying it is to make felt, so I will definitely return to it at later date.

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