Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Module 4 chapter 11

Resolved sample

The resolved sample for this chapter is to be constructed using a method of felting.

I tried a few ideas for this sample, cutting up the fist sample of chapter 10 into different shapes, some of which were created in chapter 9. I tried applying them to different backgrounds and also tried using some of the samples that I’d worked in the shibori chapter.




I couldn’t find a pleasing direction with the above experiments so I returned to the orange sample and decide to work it up into a resolved sample as I really liked the colour and texture and felt it had potential.



I saw lots of caves in the Tarn Gorges and was very aware of the undulations of the rock faces, which I think gave me the idea of making the pockets with holes and supportive frameworks. This sample also relates to my personal research theme with its shapes of limpets and worms.


The three pocket patches were cut from a felted knitted sample and were stitched to the backing felt with buttonhole stitch.

The middle and bottom patches had a hole cut in them and this was half stitched with Detatched buttonhole stitch and Hollie stitch, respectively.

The curved worm like pieces were then couched to the background.. The piece was then lightly felted.




After felting I decided to fill the 2 Hollie stitched/detached buttonhole pockets with a felted ball each.


The sample was then densely stitched with a Kantha effect, which pulled and shaped it into the undulations and pointed shapes of the natural forms I’d seen on my trip.

I was very pleased with the result and also quite surprised that I returned to a hand stitch technique (Hollie stitch) that I found really difficult to master, but was delighted with it’s effect and versatility..

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