Monday, 29 October 2012

Module 6 chapter 10a

Resolved stitch samples using bonding methods

I chose 3 of my previous bonded samples to work up into resolved samples.

The first sample is this one.

This sample was based on the rubbish found on the beach at Dungeness. It was then enhanced with stitch patterns that related to a sketch taken from fishing nets etc. on a Suffolk beach.



Patterns of stich have been created in hand and machine stitch that not only represent the working side of the beach but also the shells and plant life. The stitching has been pulled up in places to manipulate the sample and give it more shape.

The next sample was a very simple one in the bonding state and I decided that it only needed to be enhanced a little as the natural elements were qute beautiful in themelves. The blue stitch has been inspired by the patterns of the sea and the French knots by the pebbles.



Lasly in this section I took this next sample and cut it up into smaller pieces. I then used a sample from a previous chapter as a staring point and created a hanging sculpture with the pieces, using fishing net as a fiol. The small pieces are so light that they move all the time with the movement of air in the room. The pieces are kept in place with Frech knots, using hand dyed silk thread.




Again the patterns created in this sample come from the rhythm of the sea and the flow of the seemingly disorganised bundles of nets etc. found on the beach, as seen in the sketch above.


  1. the surface in the top image is so fascinating and equally lovely. I also love the transparency of all these pieces....

    1. Thank you Karen your comments are always so encouraging
      I managed to delete your second comment, I knew I'd do it one day so I've included it here, thank you :-)

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      and looking again I am astounded at the complexity of your work and the detailed description you provide of everything.